HIBLend at the EAIE2023 in Rotterdam

HIBLend at the EAIE2023 in Rotterdam

October 13, 2023

The HIBLend project recently took center stage at the EAIE conference in Rotterdam last month. The workshop titled “Terra incognita? Exploring the uncharted waters of student blended mobility.” was attended by 26 participants from Europe, the United States, and Russia.

The workshop was not just an informative session but an engaging platform for participants to actively discuss and share their experiences, or in some cases, the lack thereof, in the ever-evolving landscape of Blended Student Mobility (BSM). 

Designed to provide a holistic view of BSM, the workshop explored BSM’s significance in modern higher education, its core models and characteristics. Furthermore, attendees gained insights from the recent survey conducted by the consortium  which mapped the current state of BSM in post-pandemic education. This valuable data informed the discussions during the workshop.

To immerse participants in the complexities of BSM, the workshop included a simulation exercise. During this interactive segment, attendees were asked to step into the shoes of key stakeholders, such as professors and administrators, and simulate typical issues related to the organisation of BSM. For instance, they were tasked with addressing challenges related to recognition, requiring them to devise a process for the recognition of BSM.

The simulation generated lively discussions and allowed participants to apply their knowledge in practical scenarios. It offered a hands-on experience of the intricate challenges that institutions and students may encounter on their BSM journeys.

To promote further awareness of the current BSM landscape outside of the workshop, the aims and early results of HIBLend were also showcased in one of EAIE’s poster presentations. Many participants stopped by to discuss good practices on how to best implement BSM activities and to know more about the project. The audience also expressed interest in participating in the future Community of Practitioners, where staff working on these topics will be able to discuss common challenges and solutions.

If you are interested in the poster, make sure to check it below!